Call to us + 1 647 5585547
Free delivery within Toronto on all orders over $200
Call to us + 1 647 5585547
Free delivery within Toronto on all orders over $200


At Allcanadasafety, we understand that providing diverse payment methods is essential to accommodate our customers’ preferences. We offer multiple payment options to ensure a seamless and secure payment process:

1. Payment on Our Website:

You can make payments for your purchases directly on our website, where we provide a user-friendly and secure checkout process.

2. PayPal Payment:

We also accept payments through the trusted PayPal payment system, providing you with an additional layer of convenience and security.

3. Bank Transfer:

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, kindly contact our company, and our team will assist you in generating an invoice or guide you through the website order process. Please note that payments made to our bank account will need to be confirmed by our company before we proceed with the shipment of your order.

4. Processing Time for Bank Transfers:

Payments made via bank transfer may take several banking days to one week to be received and verified by our company.

5. Alternative Payment Systems:

For payments using alternative payment systems, please reach out to our company’s manager to confirm the feasibility of such a payment method.

6. Wholesale Order Payments:

Wholesale order payments are conducted in accordance with the terms specified in the contract and should typically be settled within 30 banking days after the product delivery, as agreed upon in the contract terms.

We aim to make the payment process as straightforward and efficient as possible. Whether you choose to pay through our website, PayPal, or via bank transfer, our team is here to assist you and ensure that your payment is processed smoothly. If you have any questions or require further guidance regarding payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact our company. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.