Circuit Breaker Lockouts BAN-D18


  • Secure circuit breakers easily with the built-in locking screw, no additional tools needed
  • Suitable for circuit breakers with handle widths up to 20mm, making it ideal for various industrial settings
  • Crafted from high-quality PA material, this lockout ensures longevity and reliability, even in demanding work environments
  • Weighing only 30g, it’s easy to handle and install, contributing to efficient lockout procedures
  • The vibrant red color enhances visibility, aiding quick identification, and promoting workplace safety
  • Compatible with lock-out lock shackles with a diameter of less than 7mm, ensuring a secure fit with safety padlocks
  • Designed to meet OSHA standards, these lockouts provide compliant energy isolation equipment for enhanced workplace safety
  • These lockouts are suitable for a wide range of circuit breaker handles, ensuring versatility in application
  • Provide additional protection against unauthorized access to electrical circuits, enhancing workplace safety
  • These lockouts can withstand a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent performance in various environmental conditions
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