Easily Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D05


  • Made from durable reinforced PA material, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments
  • Secure the lockout easily with a screwdriver, streamlining the lockout process
  • Accommodates one safety padlock with a shackle diameter of less than 7mm, providing added security
  • Suitable for mini and mid-size circuit breakers with handle widths less than 7.7mm, making it versatile for various applications
  • The bright yellow color enhances visibility, aiding quick identification and promoting workplace safety
  • Ensure efficient energy isolation and prevent unauthorized access to electrical circuits
  • Meets industry safety standards, enhancing workplace safety and ensuring compliance
  • Designed for easy handling and installation, contributing to efficient lockout procedures
  • Ideal for diverse industrial settings, providing a reliable solution for circuit breaker lockouts
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