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Electric Power Isolation Insulation Hasps Lockouts Beian-Lock BAN-K41


  • Designed to meet both OSHA and ANSI compliance standards, these 6-hole industrial insulated nylon lockout hasps are perfect for securing multiple energy sources at once
  • Made with high-quality insulated nylon material, these lockout hasps are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability
  • Each hasp can accommodate multiple padlocks, allowing multiple workers to safely work on the same energy source without risking injury
  • The bright red color of these lockout hasps makes them easily identifiable and visible, helping to create a safer work environment
  • The Beian-Lock BAN-K41 lockout hasps provide a cost-effective solution for preventing unauthorized access to hazardous equipment and machinery
  • With clear warning labels and a secure locking mechanism, these lockout hasps are a crucial addition to any industrial workplace
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