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Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout Beian-Lock BAN-D95 5 pcs Set


  • BAN-D95 Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout ensures dependable lockout tagout procedures with its slidable long pallet design
  • Designed to perform in extreme environments, it operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -45℃ to +130℃
  • With a keyhole diameter of 7mm, it accommodates lock shackles within 7mm, offering flexibility in lock choices
  • Secure your circuit breaker with up to 10 padlocks, enhancing safety and preventing unauthorized access
  • Suitable for circuit breakers with lock handle widths less than 37mm, providing versatility in application
  • Crafted from a combination of high-quality nylon and fiber materials, ensuring robust and long-lasting performance
  • Weighing only 62g, it is lightweight and easy to handle, simplifying the lockout process
  • Its vibrant red color enhances visibility, serving as a visual indicator of locked-out circuit breakers for added safety
  • 5-Piece Of Set
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