Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D95


  • Safely lock out electrical circuit breakers using the BAN-D95 Lockout Device, designed for secure and reliable lockout tagout procedures
  • Elevate safety standards with this Safety Equipment, promoting a hazard-free environment and preventing unauthorized access to circuit breakers
  • The BAN-D95’s slidable long pallet design accommodates various circuit breakers, while the 7mm keyhole diameter fits shackle sizes within 7mm, allowing secure lockout with up to 10 padlocks
  • Crafted from high-quality Nylon and Fiber materials, this Safety Lockout Device guarantees longevity and dependable performance, ensuring consistent safety measures
  • Weighing just 62g, the BAN-D95 Lockout Device offers lightweight and easy installation, streamlining lockout procedures for efficient workplace safety
  • The bright red color of the BAN-D95 ensures clear visibility and serves as a visual indicator of locked-out circuit breakers, promoting adherence to safety protocols
  • Securely lock out circuit breakers by using up to 10 padlocks with this Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout, offering comprehensive lockout tagout practices
  • Designed to withstand a wide temperature range (-45℃ to +130℃), the BAN-D95 Lockout Device ensures reliable performance even in challenging conditions
  • Implement the BAN-D95 Lockout Device to prevent accidents, enhance electrical safety, and contribute to a secure workplace environment
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