Emergency Stop Lockout Beian-Lock BAN-D50 3 pcs Set


  • Emergency Stop Lockout BAN-D50 is designed for quick and easy lockout of emergency stop switches, enhancing safety in your workplace
  • Crafted from high-strength transparent glass resin material, this lockout device offers durability and visibility for added safety
  • Install the base seat on the bottom of the emergency stop switch, and BAN-D50 is ready for use. It can be easily locked out and removed whenever required
  • Weighing only 52g, it’s lightweight and convenient to handle, making lockout procedures a breeze
  • The transparent design ensures clear visibility of the emergency stop switch, aiding quick identification during lockout
  • With dimensions of 67mm x 60mm x 55mm, it’s a space-saving lockout solution suitable for various emergency stop switches
  • The 3 pieces Set
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