Gate Valve Lockouts BAN-F11 2 pcs Set


  • Manufactured using Dupont Nylon infused with 13% Fiber, these gate valve lockouts are engineered for extended durability, ensuring enduring reliability
  • Available in a selection of six sizes, offering a range of choices to accommodate diverse gate valves featuring stem diameters spanning from 25mm to 71.5mm (1” to 2.5”)
  • Capable of locking with a shackle diameter of up to 9.5mm, enhancing security and versatility in application
  • Enhanced with warning labels to boost safety awareness and promote adherence to compliance standards
  • Designed in a vivid red hue, enabling easy identification during lockout procedures for added convenience and safety
  • Ideal for gate valves encompassing stem diameters ranging from 25mm to 71.5mm (1” to 2.5”)
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