Lockout Ball Valve Lock Kit 9 pcs Beian Lock


  • Secure your workplace with the Lockout Ball Valve Lock Set 9 pcs, designed to prevent accidental operation of ball valves
  • The Red Lockout Tagout Ball Valve Lockout BAN-F03 (3 pcs) is easily visible and fits most standard ball valves
  • Keep your equipment safe with the Safety Lockout Padlock Keyed Different BAN-201 (3 pcs), which provides added security with its unique key
  • Prevent unauthorized access to ball valves with the Safety Tags “Danger, Do Not Operate” BAN-P04 (3 pcs), which clearly indicate the valve is locked and should not be used
  • Ideal for use in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing, this lockout set is a must-have for any workplace where safety is a top priority
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