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Oversized Circuit Breaker Lockouts Beian-Lock BAN-D13 12pcs Set


  • Crafted from durable polypropylene PP and impact-modified PA, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in industrial environments
  • Suitable for 480/600V circuit breakers, offering versatile lockout solutions for various electrical systems
  • Features a quick and tool-free thumbscrew mechanism for rapid application, eliminating the need for a screwdriver
  • Equipped with a new blade design that provides an enhanced grip, ensuring compatibility with a wider range of breaker models
  • Weighing just 96g and with dimensions of 63mm (W) by 22.2mm (D), it offers a compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage
  • Capable of locking out breakers with a handle width of less than 72mm, accommodating various breaker types and sizes
  • Comes in a vibrant red color, enhancing visibility and aiding quick identification of locked-out breakers
  • Ensure the safety of your electrical systems and workers with this oversized circuit breaker lockout, designed for dependable performance in industrial settings
  • Each package includes 12 lockouts
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