Safety Electrical Lockout Lock Kit 6 pcs Beian-Lock


  • Ensure the safety of your employees and prevent accidents with this 6-piece Safety Electrical Lockout Lock Kit from Beian-Lock
  • The set includes a Large Lockout Circuit Breaker BAN-D92 (2 pcs) to prevent unauthorized operation of large circuit breakers and main switches
  • The Lockout Tagout Safety Tags BAN-P04 (2 pcs) have a bright red color and a bold “Danger Do Not Operate” legend printed on both sides to clearly indicate that the equipment is locked out for safety purposes
  • The Safety Loto Padlocks BAN-202 (2 pcs) feature insulated shackles to prevent electrical conductivity, making them safe for use in electrical lockout applications. The padlocks are keyed differently to ensure maximum security
  • Made of high-quality materials, this Safety Lockout Set is designed for long-lasting use in harsh industrial environments
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