Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockouts BAN-D11


  • Crafted from rugged polypropylene (PP) and impact-modified PA for long-lasting reliability
  • Designed to fit a wide range of single-pole and internal trip multi-pole breakers, ensuring broad applicability
  • Utilize the thumb screw to securely clamp the lockout onto the switch toggle, followed by locking in place with the cover thumbscrew
  • Capable of accommodating padlock shackles with a diameter of up to 7mm, providing a robust locking mechanism
  • Suitable for various applications, including circuit breaker lockouts, this Snap-on Lockout ensures effective electrical safety
  • An essential Lockout Tagout tool and a component of industrial safety equipment, contributing to enhanced workplace safety
  • Part of your comprehensive safety gear, this Electrical Safety Device promotes secure operations and hazard prevention
  • These Safety Lockout Devices add an extra layer of protection, minimizing risks associated with electrical systems
  • The Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockouts D11 offers swift and efficient lockout procedures, bolstering safety protocols
  • With a user-friendly design, these lockouts facilitate hassle-free installation and removal, making them a valuable addition to your safety toolkit
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