Steel Lockout Hasp BAN-K01 10 pcs Set


  • Steel lockout hasp designed to enable lockout by multiple workers at each lockout point, enhancing safety procedures
  • Ensures equipment remains inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being made, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Control of equipment cannot be turned on until the last worker’s safety padlock is removed from the hasp, providing an additional layer of security
  • With a 25mm (1″) inside jaw diameter, this hasp securely holds up to 6 safety padlocks, ensuring comprehensive lockout procedures
  • Crafted from robust steel material, this hasp guarantees durability and long-lasting performance in industrial settings
  • With dimensions of 40mm (L) x 115mm (H) x 10mm (W) and a weight of 104g, it’s a compact yet reliable addition to your lockout tagout kit
  • The red color of the hasp serves as a clear visual indicator of locked equipment, promoting a safer work environment
  • 10 piece set of Steel Lockout Hasp BAN-K01
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