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Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Beian-Lock BAN-D20 10 pcs Set


  • Ensure safety by effectively locking out miniature circuit breakers with this versatile lockout device
  • Easily secure the lockout without the need for any tools, streamlining the lockout procedure
  • The compact size allows for vertical and horizontal locking, providing flexibility in various applications
  • Suitable for locking out multi-pole breakers, making it a versatile solution for diverse circuit breaker types
  • Weighing just 15g, this lockout device is lightweight and easy to handle
  • The vibrant red color enhances visibility, aiding quick identification during lockout procedures
  • Crafted from high-quality plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Get a 10-piece set of Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D20, perfect for large-scale security needs
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